Tuesday, July 18, 2017

A Life Update... BODJ cards becomes DJC...

My husband and I have been working very hard to open up an Etsy shop to sell the beautiful handmade cards I create.

We've spent the better part of almost 3 weeks listing, packing, selling, shipping, creating, brainstorming and working really hard to do this in Delaney's honor.

I made some promises to her the day she died and this shop helps me keep them.

Today was a huge day for this little online shop, we decided on and created our logo. I'm so in love with it too. My husband was able to take what I could see in my head and make it even better. I am such a proud wife today and I wanted to brag about how amazing my husband is. He created this logo for me.

So, no card blog post today, but I'll be back to those really soon... I'm hoping for Wednesday or Friday at the latest.

If you follow me here, please stop over at my online shop, scroll, click, read, favorite listings and my shop if you could. I'm not asking you to purchase anything, no pressure, but it would help me tremendously if I had measurable traffic in my shop.

Another great way to help without purchasing is to search Greeting Cards in the Etsy search bar and scroll through until you find something from my shop and click on it. Leave it open for a minute or two before moving on to another shiny object and Etsy will see that my search terms are working properly for my items.

To get to DJC you can type in the address www.DelaneyJaneCards.etsy.com or you can click Here and I'll get you there without any typing.

Oh, and on a side note, we've decided to celebrate Christmas in July and have started to load the store with Christmas and Holiday themed greeting cards. If you use coupon code CHRISTMAS at checkout you will receive a 15% discount on purchases of $25.00 or more before shipping.

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